Monday, February 17, 2014

President's Day, Riding, Driving, and Laying Horses Down

Today was quite the day. I had off from work because of it being President's Day. I needed to get the back tires on my truck changed, so I went to the tire place and got that done first thing this morning. I grabbed a late breakfast because I figured I would be spending most of the rest of the day at the barn. Walter and I both got to the barn around quarter of 12. We did some cleaning in the barn first. I was planning to drive Freedom and Walter asked if he could go along. I said sure. We walked out the driveway behind the cart since the driveway is a bit slippery yet from the snow. Freedom did really well with driving but he did have a few times of spooking. I was pleased though with how he listened to me despite being a bit scared of things. I drove him longer than I ever had, but he wasn't tired or worn out after driving him. Freedom did really well and I was pleased with the outcome.

When we got back, we decided to lay down Walter's pony, Tokyo. He laid down very nicely and since I wanted to see how Prince would do, I laid him down. Prince was quite stubborn about the whole thing but he did give up and lay down :) We had talked about driving Tokyo at some point, but never had the time. Today we had the time, so we drove Tokyo. We line drove him, saw what he thought about the cart, and then drove him in the cart. Tokyo is so much like Freedom (an older and smaller version). He took it all in a stride and could have cared less about the cart or about the whole idea of driving. He really enjoyed it! :)

Once we finished driving Tokyo, we made a run for some more hay and some shavings. By the time we got back from that, we got some supper. After supper, Sharon came to bring the harness I bought for Daisy, and to figure out if we were going to trade out the harness I have for Freedom for one she had. We just did some switching on the harness so that the one I have for Freedom will fit him better since he has grown so much. We fit Daisy's harness to her and what I like about her harness is once Freedom gets bigger it will fit him too. She also brought the cart my cousin, Sarah, bought and it is big enough to drive Daisy in. So, I am really hoping to start line driving Daisy this week again and then see about driving her in the cart, on Monday. She has been driven single but wow, it has been a good year if not two years since the last time. We shall see how it goes!! :)

Sarah got to the barn around 6:30. Sharon left after helping us get everything figured out with the harnesses and cart. Sarah, Walter, and I then went for a ride. Walter rode Harley, Sarah rode Mischa, and I rode Daisy. It was a fun and relaxing ride. :)

Overall it was a full but fun day. I am so thankful for the people God has brought into my life. They may be different and not like me, but they each have taught me something about myself, as well a more about how to love each and every person, no matter how different they are from me! :) I know God will continue to teach me how to relate to those He brings into my life!!

Tomorrow I plan to work (if the snow doesn't make travel impossible) and maybe line driving Daisy in the evening. Hope you have a great rest of the week.

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  1. It all sounds like fun! Tokyo sounds cool. I know a special horse named Prince as well. :))))