Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Ride and Hay

Last evening I spent time just grooming both horses. I did get to work with Freedom a little bit on groundwork. One of my goals for this summer, besides starting him under light saddle work, is to really be able to control all his feet, anytime, anywhere. Hoping that if I have some solid groundwork as far as a turn on the haunches and forehand, then it will be so much easier come time to do it from the saddle.

Today I was able to ride Daisy. My cousin Sarah, her brother Chris and I got some hay first. I had gotten quite a bit of hay out of the field but with such a cold winter, I used more than I had planned for. No problem, only now it is more expensive :D Ordered my hay for next winter already and I ordered extra.

So after we got the hay and unloaded it, we did go for a ride. Chris rode Mischa, I rode Daisy, and Sarah rode Harley. Chris and I rode bareback. One of the simplest pleasures (at least I think so) is horseback riding and the next best thing is riding with friends! Daisy did well. Tomorrow I get off from work early because of some things with one of the parents. SO if it all works out, I plan to drive Daisy and maybe Freedom too.

Lucy is doing well. I have been able to walk her every morning this week. I have been getting up earlier to make time for that but for some unknown reason, I have been waking up at 6 each morning which is before my alarm clock :D I am thankful, because not only do I get to walk my dog, I get to spend extra time in God's word! Really appreciating what I have been learning! Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed Friday!

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  1. Sounds good. Turning cold again. But spring is soon. :)))