Sunday, March 9, 2014

Shedding and Driving Daisy

Ah Saturdays are so nice!! Friday I got off from work early due to some things with my boss, but instead of working with the horses, I talked with mom and took care of the horses. We had a WeCare banquet (it was for the prison ministries that mom helped out with for a week in January) in the evening which I enjoyed so much. It just reinforced in my mind once again how important relationships are and how we relate to people.

I stayed at my cousins for the night because we were planning to work on their brother and sister-in-law's wedding book on Saturday at my house. Although we didn't get much sleep, we did get to talk and enjoy each other's company. One thing we did on Saturday, was stop for coffee on the way back to my house :) We did work on the book for a bit. After they left, I went to the horses. I did some odds and ends around the barn. I had thought of driving Freedom but I must have drank to much milk within the last 24 hours so I didn't feel well. So instead, I just did some groundwork with Daisy. We worked on the turn on the forehand, as well as a turn on the haunches. The turn on the haunches to the left was the worse. She picked up very quickly the turn on the haunches to the right. She has done the turn on the haunches and forehand on the ground and the saddle but I really want her to get better at her turn on the haunches before really working at side passing. Although I did get her to side pass to the right from the ground one time just to see if she would do it. I didn't do anything with Freedom but spent a little time grooming him.

Today (Sunday), I drove Daisy. I took my sister Rose Mary along. Both horses are shedding and I really thought about it Saturday when I groomed both horses. You walk away from grooming them, and the floor has hair on it and you do too. Well then when driving Daisy, we got a hair shower because of her shedding. I am not going to complain about all the hair because it means SPRING is coming!!!! Actually it means the days are getting longer but that points to spring too :D

After I fed the horses, Rose Mary and I came home and walked our dogs. I hadn't gotten Lucy out yesterday but she was really glad to get out today! Hoping to walk her every day this week like I did last week but tomorrow I leave for work an hour earlier than normal for a Monday so not sure if I will get the chance to or not. Looking forward to the extra hour in the evening though!! :) Hope you have a wonderful week!

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