Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Trip to the Vet and COLD

We have been having some single digit weather over night. Both horses are doing well with the cold but it helps I am giving them extra hay :) Tonight I was thankful that I got the chance to hang out with the horses a little. I would have spent more time with both of them but since I got off from work till quarter after 5 and didn't get home till quarter of 6. Since our appointment was at 6:30, Rose Mary, Lucy and I headed to the vet. Since Lucy has had the privilege of riding in the vehicle more than once already, she has become quite the pro. :) Since the people we bought her from had never taken her to the vet, this was her first time. She was a bit nervous about going into the vet but once inside she did great! She got a clean bill of health as well as all her vaccines and shots. So pleased with Lucy. Hoping tomorrow evening to spend some time with Freedom and work on some groundwork. I want to take Lucy to the barn one of these evenings too. I have been walking her in the mornings and some evenings. Well hope you have a good rest of the evening.

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