Thursday, March 27, 2014

Odds and Ends

Last evening I actually didn't work with the horses. I went to the hardware store to get stuff for my fence instead. Anthony was planning to help me put the electric through it tonight but I had a chiropractor appointment that I had forgotten about when we were discussing the fence. So thankful I was able to go to the chiropractor because I had different things that were sore! Also so thankful that my arms seem to have healed enough that they no longer hurt and my chiropractor didn't have to tape. (I have dealt tennis elbow/epicondylitis and both wrists really hurting for the last year from working at Pelmans and doing the constant elbow/wrist movement to icing the cakes). So now, volleyball here I come ;)

We did get some snow yesterday morning so I had the opportunity to take some pictures of the dusting we got!

So tomorrow evening, hopefully we will be able to do the electric and Saturday I have a wedding. :) I am hoping to still be able to work the horses tomorrow evening. We shall see.

Today I had quite a fun day at work ;) After I put Jackson down for a nap, Cameron and I made pretzels and pretzel dogs. At one point, he informed me that he wants to be a pretzel man when he grows up and he will sell his pretzels for $1. I told him I would buy pretzels from him for that. He can be too funny. After lunch, we made clothespin butterflies. I used paint for my butterfly but he used marker for his. I must say it has been a challenge keeping him, a 4 yr old, busy over this winter since it has been so cold, which limited us to doing indoor things. I have had fun though!

Clothespin butterflies (top left is mine with paint, bottom right is Cameron's with marker)

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