Monday, March 10, 2014

Warm Weather and Working the Horses

Hope you are enjoying the longer evenings as much as I am. Tonight I got to walk Lucy, drive Freedom, and ride Daisy. I am not planning to be able to do this every night but was thankful I had the chance to do so today! I spent a nice amount of time outside even at work. Took the boys to the park and we ate a picnic lunch too. I was so glad it was warmer today :)

I got home from work and went to walk Lucy. I hadn't walked her this morning, due to leaving for work an hour earlier. She did excellent at not pulling on the leash and I also did some training with her. :)

After supper, I headed to the horses. I drove Freedom for about half an hour. He did an excellent job and he hardly shied at all. I think he was just going thru a phase and I don't think the scare with the truck helped at all as well as the snow being on the ground making everything look different. Either way, he did wonderful and I really enjoyed driving him. Sarah rode Mischa out to meet me since she wanted to talk to me about something. She hopped off Mischa, climbed in the cart and ponied Mischa that way. Freedom wasn't too sure what to think about the idea of a horse following but he soon got used to the idea.

When we got back to the barn, I put Freedom out in the meadow and got Daisy all ready to ride. By the time both Sarah and I were ready to ride it was still slightly light out but we knew it would be dark before we got back to the barn. We put the reflectors on the horses and ourselves. Soon it will be light the entire time we ride and we won't have to worry with reflectors at least for the horses. ;) We rode for an hour and just had the chance to talk and work with our horses. I am so glad the she moved Mischa here for this last part of the winter because it has helped motivate me to ride especially with the really cold weather we have had. Once we got back to the barn, Sarah kept going past the driveway after I let Daisy turn in. While I waited for her and Mischa a bit, I worked at Daisy's turn on the haunches from the ground. She did really good both ways. :) I am really looking forward to keep working with her on that and then hopefully this summer having her know side pass. We shall see!

Hope you have a great evening! Enjoy the warm weather!!

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