Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rainy Days

Since I don't have too much to write because I haven't worked with the horses because of the rain, I thought I would post some pictures. The horses are doing well with the rain. Right now Daisy is in a stall because she got a bit chilly last evening. She was dry and you could tell by the way her hair was, that she had not been in the rain. I saw she was shivering when she was eating her grain and wasn't sure if it was because of it being rainy, damp and cold or what but I brought her in the barn. I took her temp and checked her all over to make sure nothing was wrong. She stopped shaking after walking a bit and being in the warmer barn. It isn't like the run in is not warm (both horses were out in the run in all winter without blankets without a problem) it is just Daisy has shed almost all her winter coat out so nothing much to keep her too warm from the drop in temperature. Checked her this morning and she was fine. So she gets the privilege to be inside till tomorrow when it won't be raining anymore :) Freedom was fine, he still has lots of winter hair. He still has lots of shedding to do. Hoping that I will be able to work with both horses on Friday evening.

Herbs I planted this year: thyme, rosemary, and oregano

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