Monday, May 5, 2014

My Weekend

Its been a busy few days. Thursday evening I went riding with my two cousins and a very good friend of mine at Sharon's place. We got rained on a bit which in its own way, added to the ride ;) Friday I had off from work and I spent the morning doing some odds and ends. In the afternoon I went with my family to do some errands and before supper my mom and I put up all the fence posts for the dividing fence line in the meadow. Saturday I didn't ride because I was busy doing a craft (which when it is finished I will share), ate lunch with my cousins, Chris and Maryrose. After lunch I came home and the person I did senior pics for came to order her pictures. Then for the rest of the afternoon and evening, my cousins Sarah and Maryrose came and we did their brother Mark and his wife, April's wedding book. We didn't get it quite finished but almost. Sunday I was able to ride in the evening. I rode Daisy bareback for a short ride. It was good to ride by myself and Daisy did a pretty good job! Today (Monday), I didn't ride because I helped out here at home and Mom and I also strung all the tape for the fence and got everything set up. This evening I groomed both horses and just spent time with them. Hoping to ride tomorrow unless it works better for my friend to do piano lessons, then I will just ride on Thursday :)

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