Monday, April 28, 2014

Signs of Success

This evening I worked with Daisy once again. We came down to the farm because although she did pretty well on Saturday, I want to keep working with her so she gets better. Today Daisy did really well with staying in the speed I set for her. The whole way out the field she did wonderfully but then on the way back (as I expected) she kept wanting to canter instead of trot. I haven't been cantering her for that very reason because I want her to wait for me and not just go when she thinks we should. So I just made her work hard by trotting in a circle since she wanted to canter. Then on the road back to the barn, she listened pretty well. I feel I see improvement in her but definitely want to keep working her! I feel we were able to end the ride on a good note :)
I did work with Freedom too after I groomed him. I am really enjoying seeing both horse's summer hair shining through. Daisy is almost finished shedding out, but Freedom has a ways to go. He is so hairy :D After I groomed him, I mostly worked on the move on the forehand and backing up. Worked also a bit on trotting when I start off without my hand on the lead. He did really good with that as well! Not sure if I will get to work with either horse Tuesday and Wednesday because the weather forecast has rain, so we shall see. Friday and Saturday I should get plenty of work in with the horses :) Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

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  1. I know all about it Ruth Ann!!!! I filled up some big bags on just ONE horse. It's so bad. Not to mention all seven or so horses are having the same problem. LOL!
    I love that pic of Freedom's eye, my fave horse doesn't like the camera that much. Great shot!