Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Trip to GA, Riding Daisy, and Working Freedom

Project I have been working on to hang on my wall

Last week I didn't do much with the horses. Thursday evening I had piano lessons so I didn't work with either horse. Friday it rained most of the day and so I spent the day inside as well as getting some fly spray, some of my feed, and a few other things at the feed store. Saturday I was away helping a friend with her horse (going again tomorrow evening so I most likely won't work with my guys) and spent some time with my cousins doing errands as well as doing our Bible study of Hebrews. In the evening I was able to ride. I rode Daisy and Rose Mary walked Freedom along behind Daisy and I. Both horses did pretty good although Freedom was acting a bit full of himself. When we got back, I worked him on the ground a little bit because he was being a bit pushy. Sunday, two friends of mine and I went to visit one of my friends in GA. She is getting married in July and after she is married she will be living in GA. We went down for the bridal shower that they had for her down there. Then on Tuesday we came home.

This evening I worked with Freedom. I decided to round pen him tonight and then just do some more groundwork hopefully later this week. He did excellent with the round penning. After he joined up with me, I turned around and walked away to see if he would follow. We did that for a bit and then I wanted to see if he would do good if we went out into the fenced area behind the barn. He did really well with that then too. Since it was actually quite warm, I hosed him off and then just gave him a bath. Now he is quite clean. Hoping to give Daisy a bath with in the next week or so.

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