Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Our two bantee chicks
Tonight went slightly different than I thought. I got home later so I walked Lucy first and hung out with her till the rest of my family came home to eat supper. I have started walking Lucy without a leash the past week because I can now trust that she will listen to me and come back when called. It is so much more fun walking her this way. After supper, I helped my sister and Mom, do some work out by the dog pens. Rose Mary then went with me to the horses. We checked the electric on the fence and I now have a better idea where it needs fixed. Since it was my evening to feed all the animals, we started on that. Rose Mary was doing the chickens and she noticed two little chicks in with the big ones. I called Lori and asked her about it. We discussed different options as far as where to put them and such and she said we could take them if we want. So Rose Mary and I said yes and brought them home :) I did get the chance to love on my horses a bit. Hoping to work with both horses on Friday and Saturday if the weather is nice!

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