Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spraying the Meadow and Riding

Last evening (Monday), Lori and I did get the meadow sprayed. Although for a while there, we weren't sure we were going to be able to finish it. First thing, we got the tractor stuck in mud we couldn't see due to the grass being quite tall. The way the meadow lays there is one area that doesn't dry so well due to the trees (and of course the tall grass, which we plan to mow Saturday). Once we got unstuck then I was going to finish the meadow. Well before I even get on the second pass, the sprayer quit. We checked everything and the only thing that could be wrong was the one wiring connection. We tried to fix it the one way but that wasn't working, so we tried another way and that worked. So I finished the top part of the meadow. Then Lori got on and finished the bottom part. :) All I can say is, we made some memories while spraying the meadow and though the evening didn't go as planned, the meadow is sprayed and the nasty buttercups are gone :)
This evening then I did ride Daisy. My friend was coming to look at rodeo pictures this evening so I had to be back here for that. So I brushed Daisy and hopped on her bareback, with the hackamore. I decided that maybe if we do some brush up work with the hackamore instead of the bit, for a change, maybe it would be beneficial. I am hoping to ride with the bit again later this week and see if the work we have been doing with the hackamore transfers over to the bit. Daisy did well on her ride this evening and it was fun just riding and saying hi to all the people who were also out enjoying the nice weather! Hoping to work with Freedom tomorrow evening. 

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