Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day and Riding Daisy and Ponying Freedom

This past week I didn't get much riding in but I did get the things I needed for my mother's day gift for my mom as well as Cameron's mom together. I also had piano lessons the one evening and the two evenings I would have ridden, I did other things. Friday evening I went through my room and put some books in storage and am taking some to the reusit store to make room on my book case. Saturday I was at Sharon's place because she was holding the rodeo but this year it was smaller than it has been sometimes which was nice because it was much more laid back. When I got home in the evening, my family took my mom out for a Mother's Day supper and then my sister and I went to do some shopping.
Today, I went for a walk with Rose Mary and Rachel. After we got back, I decided to take a nap :) Then this evening I rode Daisy bareback with the hackamore and ponied Freedom along. He did excellent and I know I haven't ponied him since at least February or March. I had to laugh at him a few times because he was just being silly but he did so good. Daisy did really great too. I think it was good for her to be ridden in the hackamore for something different. Hoping to ride tomorrow but we are planning to spray the meadow this week and then later mow so not sure if I will get to ride or not. We shall see :)
Also Happy Mother's Day to all the special mothers out there!

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