Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Riding and Groundwork

Today I got off from work a half an hour early so I was able to do all the things I wanted to do this evening. I walked Lucy for a while. I had taken her for a short walk this morning but then for a longer walk this evening :) After I fed Lucy, I headed to the horses. I rode Daisy first. I was really pleased with how she behaved this evening. I believe we had the best ride tonight than we have had in a LONG time. We had gone up the road a little ways and then turned onto a side road that I usually ride along. She wanted to trot without me asking for it; we just worked through that and I got her to go nicely at a walk first and then after she walked nicely for a bit, I asked for a trot. I was really pleased how nicely she trotted as well. On the way back, she did the absolute best she has ever done as far as trotting. I am really excited to work with her later this week and see how she does!!

After I got back, I brushed her and then put her away. Got Freedom out and worked with him a little bit on some groundwork. Did some backing, doing the moves on the haunches and forehand both ways. We also worked a bit at his walking and trotting off when I did as well as stopping when I do. I was really happy with how he did. Hoping to maybe drive him later this week.

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