Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Training Multiple Horses

I feel like I was able to accomplish a lot this evening. I got to the barn and brought Mika in first. I did some groundwork with her first.  Since she seems a bit spooky at times I got the tarp out and lunged her over that on the line. She is also nervous around the steer so I lunged her past him too. I wanted her to stop on the tarp before we finished up and I was able to get her to do that. She did excellent with the lunging so I took her into the barn and saddled her up. Once I had Mika saddled up, I thought it would be best to lunge her under saddle first before I hop on so I have an idea how she behaves with the saddle. I know she has been ridden before but not for a while. Mika is an older horse (not sure her exact age) but I wanted to cover my bases before hopping on her myself. She didn't react to the saddle so I got up on her. I walked her around a bit and then asked her for a trot. She went right into the trot. She is larger than Daisy by a bit and she is broader. I posted with her and then asked for a canter. I loved her immediately. If I actually needed/wanted another horse I so would want her. I guess I just have a soft spot in my heart for older horses especially after having Navajo :) Anyway since I had done all this work right behind the barn in a fenced in area I decided to take her out front so I have more room to work her. I worked on trotting with some cantering mixed in. Mika responded to everything I asked. I know I want her to be a bit more responsive to some of my cues and other things but I am so excited to see how she does the more I work with her. I really like her a lot :)
After I worked Mika, I hosed her off and then put her out in the meadow again. I brought my horses in and with Brooke and Cali's help (Anthony and Lori's 5 and 6 yr olds) I brushed Daisy and Freedom. I worked with Freedom a bit on the ground and he is really getting quite good at doing a move on the forehand and hindquarters. I think within the next couple days I want to see about teaching him to sidepass. I really want to get my cart fixed so I can drive him because I know he would really benefit from that!
I put Freedom out and tacked Daisy up with the French link snaffle and saddle. Tonight she did the absolute best she has ever done in a bit. I am really excited to ride her again and see how she does! She was so responsive to my cues to transition up to a trot and then down to a walk and stop. Going the one way, she kept wanting to break her gait but I worked her through that and was able to get her to trot consistently for me. I actually didn't work her very long but for the length of time I did, she did amazing. Not sure if I will get to work with anyone tomorrow because it is my last day of work and it looks like I will be working late. I also have piano lessons in the evening. I do plan to work the horses Thursday and Friday.

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