Thursday, June 26, 2014

Gelding Freedom and Riding Daisy

Yesterday was my last day at work as a nanny till fall. It was bittersweet leaving work but I definitely can say I was excited to start working for Dad. I am really looking forward to working here at home and being with my family this summer. Today was the day I started for Dad as well as the day Freedom got gelded. The vet came around 12. The procedure went well and at the moment Freedom seems to be doing quite well. He is in a stall for the night and just came home from checking on him. He definitely is not happy about being stalled but he will be fine till he gets to go out.
I didn't work with any of the horses last evening. I had Lucy out for a while in the evening while I was talking to Rose Mary. By the time I was headed to the horses, a thunderstorm had started to roll in. So I took care of all the animals and headed home. Then I spent the evening talking to my dear friend Elana who is at Mountain View.
Today I went up a little while after the vet had left to check on Freedom. I rode Daisy since I was up there anyway. I worked her a bit there at the barn then took her for a ride. She didn't do as well as I had hoped she would but I was able to get her to do really well till the end. I was thinking probably some of her issue was that Freedom was in the barn and she was out in the meadow and she was not pleased about that fact in the least. Hoping to ride tomorrow evening before going to my cousins for the night since I am going canoeing on Saturday with their youth group. I didn't work with Mika this evening either but tomorrow hope to do that as well. I believe it will fit into my day no problem but we shall see. :)

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