Friday, July 18, 2014

A Week of Working with the Horses

It has been quite the busy week. Got in a nice amount of work with Mika but not so much with my two. Monday I didn't do anything with the horses because I mowed the bottom end of the meadow and by the time I was finished with that and some other barn chores, it was threatening to rain.
Tuesday I was able to work with Mika. She did pretty well, especially for having not been worked in over a week. I rode her down the road and she was wary about everything like she is and a few times she didn't want to go forward but we worked through it. Overall I felt she did well. After I came back with her, I took Daisy and Freedom out for a short ride. I wasn't sure how Freedom would do ponying off of Daisy as we haven't done it in a while but they both did really well!
Wednesday I didn't have a lot of time till it was dark since I had cleaned the porch because we were planning to paint it the next day. I just rode Mika. She fought me the entire ride. She balked at everything and didn't want to move forward. It took twice as long to go half the normal distance we usually go. The more I ride her the more it seems to me that she was at some point in her life allowed to do as she pleased and got away with stuff going away from the barn because headed for home, she acts perfectly wonderful and doesn't refuse to go forward. I worked her through her balking and we had a pleasant rest of the ride. I didn't ride Daisy or work with Freedom because it was close to dark, I had to feed all the animals at the barn, and I still had some things to do when I got home.
Thursday evening I didn't work anyone. I had spent a good part of the day painting our large middle porch and was quite tired from the day. I also was in charge of feeding all the animals since I had been on vacation the week before and I like to take my turn even if I miss it one week.
Today (Friday), I was able to work with both Mika and Daisy. Today Mika behaved like a charm. I actually rode her farther than we have ever gone before. Not sure what changed her attitude other than the fact that Wednesday we worked through a lot of issues. She was very pleasant to ride. We were able to ride at both a trot and a canter without any issues. I hope we continue to have rides like the one we had this afternoon. When I got back from riding Mika, I hosed her off and put her away. I then got Daisy out and worked her a bit there at the barn. I wanted to see how she was doing on her response to my body cues. She really impressed me. We did some cantering and I was able to get her to turn on a dime just by using my body cues and very, very light rein cues. I am excited to see how she continues to do. I didn't do anything with Freedom because I want to give him another week or so before I start doing too much with him. It will be three weeks today that he got gelded. Really looking forward to driving him a bunch the next three months till he is 2 1/2 and I can start riding him! Hoping tomorrow to do some work with all three horses.

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