Sunday, July 13, 2014

New Beginnings and a Family Trip

So I haven't posted in a while. I have had a lot going on ;) Last weekend I had my first date with this amazing guy, Tyler Sommers. He is from VA. He arrived on Thursday, a day early. We spent the afternoon and evening with my family. Friday morning (July 4th) we had our first date and then came back and spent the morning with my family. In the afternoon we headed up to the cabin where his mom's extended family was for the weekend. We were there till Sunday morning and came home and spent a few hours here till he had to head home again. It was a great first date and we really enjoyed spending the weekend together. I liked that we had an equal amount of time spent with my family and his family :)

 Tyler and I
 Pond at the cabin

Monday morning our family left for our trip. My sister is planning to be going into voluntary service at Mountain View toward the end of this year and with my dating there are a lot of changes happening so we wanted to do a family trip this summer. We really had no agenda which could be really annoying or really fun. I tremendously enjoyed the week and ending up wherever we ended up. Monday we drove up to Bradford PA. My parents had lived there 3 years and I was born up there. Not there in Bradford but actually in NY because the doctor my mom used didn't have a license for PA. Anyway we spent time with a couple that lived across the street from where my parents had lived. We spent the night there in Bradford and then Tuesday we drove to Corning, NY. On Wednesday we drove a half an hour north of Corning to Watkins Glen.

Where we used to live in Bradford, PA

In Watkins Glen, Rose Mary, Rachel and I hiked the park there with the waterfalls. We didn't do the whole thing but took our time. We took photos of some of the waterfalls, I took pictures of my sisters and we just enjoyed being in God's beautiful creation. After we came back down, we as a family headed over to Seneca Lake.

Entrance to Watkins Glen
 Beautiful falls 
Rose Mary, Rachel and I at Watkins Glen (cell phone photo)
Boat Ride on Seneca Lake
We took a boat ride on Seneca Lake. It is an enjoyable ride. After the ride, we found some lunch and then Rose Mary and I did some shopping there in the town there. After a while we headed back to Corning and spent another night there. Thursday we left Corning, NY and drove down to Williamsport, PA. We did a boat ride on the Susquehanna and then found a place to sleep. Friday we drove home and then decided to end our camping trip at a nearby campground. We set our tent up Friday evening and spent Friday and Saturday evening there. It was really enjoyable being together as a family and just spending time together. I really enjoyed our time spent together this week and I know we made some wonderful memories!! I am so thankful for family!! Now I want to go spend some time with my animals before spending time with my dear friend Elana who is home for the weekend!

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  1. I was wondering who that was in your profile pic on G+. :))) I'm glad you like him and that you had a great time! The pics are amazing, and I went camping too! Thanks for sharing. :) You guys look great!