Monday, July 21, 2014

Riding Mika

Today I rode Mika again. I was running a bit short on time since right now my vehicle is out of use so I am using my dads. My mom took me to the horses and was waiting for me so I didn't do more than I had to. Anthony and Lori had another boarder move in and the horse's name is India. She is also an older horse and she is out with Mika. Well I figured that Mika might be the fact that she is a bit barn sour but now I am sure of it. I worked with her in the yard right in front of the meadow she usually is in and she did ok. At first she didn't want to step foot away from India but I got her to go. I just rode her for a bit there in the front and then I decided since she was doing well I would see how she does with going out the lane and then leaving the property. Well she did fine going out the lane, but not so fine with leaving the property and India behind. So I backed Mika up the road a bit in the grass and then got her to turn around. She wasn't overly pleased about the prospect but after a few tries I was able to get her to start walking away from India in the pasture (the pasture Mika and India are in is right along the road so it makes it a bit more difficult). I wasn't sure I would be able to get her to move at a faster pace away from the pasture but after a few times of asking I was actually able to get Mika to canter. I didn't take her to far because I figured she did so well. When we were almost back and could see India I decided to test Mika and see how she would do if I decided to turn around and walk away from home again. She wasn't too happy about leaving again but Mika obeyed and went like a good horse :) I turned her around again and headed back. I was really pleased with how she did. Hoping to see improvement as I work her this week but we shall see how it goes!! I didn't have a chance to work with either of my horses due to lack of time but I am hoping tomorrow I can work with Daisy as well!

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