Friday, July 25, 2014

Training Mika and Riding Daisy

Tuesday evening I didn't work with any of the horses because I had plans in the evening. Wednesday evening as I was about ready to ride, a thunderstorm moved in so riding didn't work out. Thursday I was able to ride again. Mika did exceptionally well leaving the barn. I was really impressed with how she did. We rode for about 30 minutes all together and I think it was over all our best ride.
Today (Friday) I asked my sister Rose Mary if she would ride Mika and I would ride Daisy so I could gage how much work Mika needs since another person would be riding her. With Daisy in the lead Mika did great. Rose Mary couldn't get her to come up beside Daisy on my left side but on the right side of Daisy she had no problem. Not totally sure what her deal with that was but it is something we will have to work on. We rode for about 20 minutes. It felt wonderful being able to ride Daisy again and it was really good for Mika to have someone besides myself ride her. She still has a bit more work I need to do with her but I am quite pleased with the progress I see in her. Hoping to ride her again tomorrow if everything works out!
I haven't worked Freedom since he got gelded but hoping in the next week or so to start messing with him again. He is the horse I remember him being since his gelding!

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