Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Busy Week

 So this past week was quite busy. I worked with Mika two days this week. Tuesday evening Rose Mary went with me to ride and she rode Mika while I rode Daisy. Mika did really well for the most part but I definitely was able to see the areas I want to work with her on. Thursday then I with her a bit on leading since she has a tendency to crowd you when you lead her.

The reason I was so busy this week was because my mom and I finished up most of our house cleaning. It feels so good to have the entire house cleaned :) There is something so fulfilling about knowing the house and porches are all clean. We also did some painting indoors on Monday. Tuesday I spent the day with my mom and Rachel at sister's day, my mom's sisters and sister-in-laws get together once a month to do things at each other's houses. Wednesday we did some more house cleaning and Thursday I think was the easiest day. We finished up our regular cleaning and in the evening I did the weed whacking at the horses and did all the odds and ends I do over the weekend since Tyler was going to be around. This next week I am hoping to drive Freedom now that my cart (which Tyler so nicely fixed for me) is fixed. Also mom is planning to can and Thursday-Sunday my cousins and I are going to be tenting in Chincotegue. It is something we have wanted to do for a long time and we are finally doing it!! :)

Tyler was around for the weekend. He came up on Friday and we spent the day with my family and went for a date in the evening. Saturday we went canoeing with my cousins, Sarah, Maryrose, Josh and Chris on the Juanita River up close to Port Royal PA. We spent an enjoyable day canoeing down the river. We all stopped for a late lunch at Cracker Barrel and then headed back here to my house. Then later in the evening we went to my youth group's ball game and spent the evening there. Today Tyler and I went for a cart ride and spent some time together till he needed to leave. :) Thankful God brought him into my life!!

Roses Tyler gave me :)

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  1. Awww Tyler is so kind to you! It's rare to find those kind of guys like that. You guys look great together. It's nice to be busy. Right now life is rather trying and so much life on the limbo. It's very stressful.
    Have a nice day Ruth Ann!