Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Driving Freedom, Riding Daisy and Training Mika

Yesterday I drove Freedom for the first time in a while. It felt really wonderful being able to drive him again. He did amazingly well but I definitely could tell that it had been a while. It was a really gorgeous evening for a drive and I am hoping to drive Freedom again tomorrow. I also worked with Mika a little. I worked with her on the ground and I was pleased with how she responded.

Today Rose Mary rode Mika while I rode Daisy. Mika over all did really well. She rode in front, beside Daisy on both sides, as well as cantered in front of Daisy. I can see improvement in her and am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the month goes with riding her. I didn't drive Freedom tonight due to it almost being dark but I was pleased that Daisy had been driven twice over the weekend and then worked today again. I am hoping to work with Mika, Daisy and Freedom tomorrow before going to Chincotegue Thursday.

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