Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Driving Daisy and Other Stuff

The weather today was so gorgeous. There was a breeze going for most of the day and it was just the right temperature. It definitely was a good day to work with the horses. Since I had stayed home to keep an eye on Rose Mary's dog's puppies, I cleaned the house and then this afternoon I went to the horses. I rode Mika first. I rode her for about half an hour and we did an equal amount of cantering and walking. The biggest thing I had to work with her on today was staying along the side of the road and walking in a straight line. She has been doing pretty well with it but she still struggles with it at times. Overall though I feel like our ride went really well and I can tell that she is improving.

When I came back with Mika, I hosed her off and then put her back in her meadow. I had planned to drive both my horses but wasn't sure if I would get that accomplished or not. I needed to come check on the puppies again so I had decided that I would drive Daisy down here to the farm since it is a nice distance away and it would give her a nice work out. I really don't like driving along the road we live along because the drivers do not have a very good respect for a horse and rider or a horse and cart but we arrived safely at home despite some people not giving us much space when passing us. I tied Daisy when we got here and checked on the puppies and fed the mom. I had been thinking as I was driving here that it would be fun to take my grandma (who lives here on the farm as well in the main farm house) for a cart ride if she would be into it. I went and asked her if she is interested in doing something adventurous, like a cart ride. She said yes she would be. So I took my grandma for a short cart ride :) It was something I won't forget right away and when I get to be the age my grandma is I hope I am as spunky as she is.

After I dropped my grandma off at her house again, Daisy and I headed back up to the barn. Overall it ended up being like an hour drive. I was really pleased with how Daisy did and with the breeze and all she didn't really sweat all the much. I hosed her off and then put her back out. I told her she did a great job!!

Since it was already quite late in the afternoon and I still had some odds and ends around the barn I needed to do, I decided I would try to drive Freedom tomorrow evening after the show if I am able to. It was a great day just being by myself and I enjoyed spending some of it with my animals.

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