Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Last Week

Last week after Wednesday I didn't work with any of the horses. Thursday evening I went with my cousin to something concerning her business. Then Friday Tyler came up for the weekend. We had a wedding Saturday, did some different things Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening we were with my youth group. Sunday we were at my cousin's for lunch and some of the afternoon and then it was time for our parting again.

Rose Mary, Tyler and I had gone shopping for the wedding gift and we saw a wading pool. We decided to buy it for Lucy to see how she would like that since she so enjoys splashing in her water bucket. Well Friday evening she wanted nothing to do with the pool but then Saturday we put it in her pen and she was quite a happy dog standing in the pool. That dog makes me laugh so much!

Sunday Rose Mary and I took Freedom for a drive. I love that horse, he makes me laugh so much. He is such a pleasure to drive because he wears his expressions on his face and you can so see what he is thinking. He did quite well with being driven and I am hoping to drive him some more this week.

Monday I rode Mika. I have mainly been working with her and putting hours on her. I was really pleased with how she rode. We cantered quite a bit and she responded really well. Right at the moment I am working with her on going straight and not shying at everything and she definitely has come a long way since last month when I started to ride her. After I got back from riding Mika and had put her away, I got Daisy out to drive her. She did really well and I am hoping to ride her sometime this week yet.

Today I didn't work with the horses because I was helping my mom and aunt with canning. Tomorrow I should be able to work with the horses as well as the rest of the week :)

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