Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Odds and Ends

Last week on Wednesday my mom and I canned 8 boxes of tomatoes which meant we spent all day canning tomato ketchup, pizza sauce and v8 juice. It was a profitable day but meant I didn't work with the horses. On Thursday evening I went shopping with Rose Mary for Rachel's birthday gifts and my evening went much different than planned so no working with the horses. Then Friday I went for supper with a friend and Tyler and I talked on the phone. I was able to work with Mika a bit in the arena earlier in the afternoon and she did really well. From riding her in there it really seemed like that is what she was used to over riding out on the trail. Saturday evening Sarah came to my house and we took Freedom for a drive. Before hooking him to the cart, I got him used to an umbrella. He did really good with being ok with the umbrella. It was drizzling a bit but Sarah and I decided if we have the umbrella we should stay dry enough. :) We had a good drive and Freedom did really well.

Sunday Rose Mary, Rachel and I went for a drive in the cart with Daisy. Both horses have been doing excellent with all the driving they are getting in the past while. I am really impressed with how they have been doing. Then on Monday I rode Daisy for something different. She was acting up a bit at first but then for the rest of the ride she did great. I want to see about riding her some more this week but we shall see. Then Monday evening the Rivera's rode Mika to decide if she can be for their girls to ride. We decided that though she is ride-able now she is not really a child's horse. She needs a rider who has experience riding but she is a great horse :) Tomorrow evening I have a meeting and Thursday evening I am not sure how it will go since a friend of mine is staying at my house for the weekend and not sure what time she is coming. Tomorrow I go back to my nanny job so I will just have evenings and weekends to ride but I am looking forward to going back to my normal job although I have enjoyed working for Dad this summer. Hoping to work with at least one if not two horses tonight.

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  1. Is that Freedom? It seems it's been not too long ago he was a fluffy youngster! He's absolutely beautiful. l love bay pintos!