Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Trip to Chincotegue Island, VA

My two cousins, Maryrose and Sarah, have always done a lot of things together. We often plan stuff and then go do it. Well the biggest thing we have done lately was plan a trip to Chincotegue, VA and then go. We invited April (Maryrose and Sarah's sister-in-law) and April's 5 month old daughter, Chari to go with us. We departed on Thursday, August 7th around 10 in the morning. We arrived at the campground around 3ish. After unpacking the car, we set up the tent and started supper. To cut down on costs we had planned meals we could make over the fire. Our first meal was sausage and fried green beans. So delicious. Friday morning we left for the lighthouse and the beach on Assategue. Saturday morning we spent a good part of the day shopping and visiting different attractions on Chincotegue. Maryrose rented a moped for the day and we had great fun driving around on it. I believe all of us took a turn at one time or other to drive it. Definitely made for some great memories. On Sunday morning we got to see the wild ponies. They were a good distance away but it was great getting to see them! Sunday we headed for home. Overall it was a wonderful time spent together!

 The lighthouse on Assategue Island
 the view from the top of the lighthouse
 more of the view from the top of the lighthouse
 Sarah and I
 MaryRose and I
 April, Chari, and I
 April and Chari

 Assategue Beach
 We met some horses and their riders on the beach as we were leaving
 Friday evenings supper, chili and cornbread

 Sunset Friday evening
 more like sisters than cousins

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